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The Kitchen Diva!


Chef, Author & Cultural Historian


Angela Shelf Medearis is THE KITCHEN DIVA! She's has been a regular guest chef and recipe segment creator on the DR. OZ, FOOD NETWORK, and the TODAY show.  Medearis is the author of seven cookbooks including THE KITCHEN DIVA'S DIABETIC COOKBOOK; THE NEW AFRICAN-AMERICAN KITCHEN, and THE ETHNIC VEGETARIAN, among many others, as well as 100 award-winning books for children with more than 12-million copies in 7-different languages world-wide.  THE KITCHEN DIVA! culinary history, recipe, and lifestyle column appears in Hearst King-Features newspapers and is distributed to 1300 newspapers in the U.S. and Canada with around 1-million readers.


Medearis, along with her family, are the founders of BOOK BOOSTERS, INC., a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides support for community literacy and health projects.  The Kitchen Diva Health Outreach is a program Medearis started to provide information about health, nutrition, diabetes and diet-related illnesses in underserved communities through speeches, workshops, cooking demos, and the preparation of healthy versions of culturally-based dishes. 

Medearis is the President of Diva Productions, Inc., a multimedia company in Austin, Texas and one of the few multimedia companies in the United States solely owned by an African-American woman. She is the Executive Producer and the host of THE KITCHEN DIVA! LIVE! a new PBS/CREATE cooking/lifestyle show which will be filmed before an energetic studio audience and features "Diva-Licious" recipes, celebrity guests, and friends from all walks of life, music, games, and fun for the whole family!  THE KITCHEN DIVA! LIVE! is set to debut in 2020.

On each show,  Medearis shares her love for family, food, and fun with her studio audience and the viewers at home.  She adds a special “Diva-licious” twist to create recipes that are suitable for those with diabetes and diet-related illnesses and for those without any ailments.  Medearis cooks flavorful American comfort foods and delicious ethnic dishes while telling humorous stories about her life and sharing everything that she knows about culinary techniques, global ingredients, the health properties of herbs and spices, and a healthy lifestyle.

On each episode, she entices viewers, her kitchen guests and her audience to try her “Diva-licious” transformations of both familiar comfort food dishes and the ethnic recipes that she creates so that everyone can enjoy good food that’s good for you! Let’s cook, ya’ll!

Check out The Kitchen Diva's Herb and Spice Mix and her cookbooks featuring hundreds of healthy and delicious recipes. There is more to see at the Online Store!

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